Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Applications of transparent solar-powered batteries.

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Translucent battery recharges itself with the sun.
Megan Treacy (@mtreacy)
Technology / Clean Technology
September 2, 2015

 Cool tech. This would have a great application to animated or video billboards that could work without an external power supply. In other words you could just paste them up on a wall or on a bus stop and they would work on their own. Here's an example that occurred to me. A recent logo that is supposed to represent climate change is this one:

 This is an animated gif. But the way it is usually presented in magazines and even commonly in online articles is the static jpeg:

 It is much less effective visually that way. That is why I think this would be a great application of a solar powered video billboard. You need the battery component so that it would also work at night. Even better would be if it could be all combined into a single circuity including the LED's providing the display.

 It would also work to combine this transparent solar cell:

Architects rejoice, your all-glass towers could become giant transparent solar cells.
Lloyd Alter (@lloydalter)
Technology / Solar Technology
August 25, 2014

with these transparent batteries:

Transparent lithium-ion batteries make sci-fi gadgets a reality.
By Sebastian Anthony on July 26, 2011 at 6:25 am

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